And why is it Orange Egg, anyway?

Because we know it is genius. It’s almost like Apple, or Yahoo, or Velvet Revolver. It makes you question, imagine, and never forget. Weird, you think. But wonder for a moment… When that geeky-looking guy during the brain-storming session of a little computer company jumped out of his seat and screamed, “I’ve got it! I think it is genius! How about Apple!” You can imagine what others thought.

At Orange Egg we are the biggest fans of “weird”. We’re talking Salvador Dali - weird. We adore everything that is different, thought-provoking, out-of-the-ordinary, eye-catching, brain-spasm generating, buzz-worthy, and simply indescribably weird.

We think that marketing must dare to be different in this age of clutter and safe advertising, and we share this vision with our clients. We strive to take their customers out of their comfort zone for a relevant, fresh look at their business, and, to bring them profit.

Imagine. We went to the best advertising, design and communications schools in the business. We have worked for Madison Avenue ad agencies, major market TV stations, won national creativity awards, all to bring our clients the perfect blend of marketing expertise with that unique blend of …. Weird.